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Get Certified as an ICF Coach!
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Module 1: October 11 & 12
Module 2: November 12 & 15
Module 3: December 2 & 3
Graduate in January 2022!


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The GoMasterCoach Institute

Certification Program


Get Your ACC Coaching Credential (ICF: International Coaching Federation)

GoMasterCoach’s program is a flexible and affordable way to complete your requirements towards ACC credential. Upon successful completion of GoMasterCoach's program, participants can apply for ACC credentials through the ACSTH route with the ICF.


Get ACC Credentials in
a few months



62 hours


4 months





October 11, 2021



Free Access during the training



January 2022

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HUONE Clarke Quay


Module 1
October 11&12, 2021

Face-to-Face Classroom

9am to 6pm

Module 2
November 12&15, 2021

Face-to-face Classroom

9am to 6pm

Module 3
December 2&3, 2021

Face-to-face Classroom

9am to 6pm

During the Training... and Beyond !

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We want to make sure to help you during and beyond the training, through active support to help you grow your coaching practice. All Included.

Some of our Trainees

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Our Philosophy to Increase Your Learning!

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Who is it For?

For people willing to transform​ other people's lives:

  • You want to be an Elite Coach, stand out from the pack, and get consistent, world-class results for your clients

  • You are an HR or L&D Practitioner and wish to expand your people's capabilities

  • You are a Manager or Entrepreneur and aim to instil a coaching culture within your company

  • You are an Executive who wants to upgrade current skills and capabilities in your work of life

100% Success to ACC Certification

​All Included:

  • 7 Hours of Mentoring

  • Accumulate your Coaching Hours through our Peer Coaching Network

  • Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) Mock Exams

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Beyond the Training

Business Collaborations
Ongoing Training
Peer Coaching
Grow Your Business

As you become our alumni, you will receive strong support, even after the training is done! All this for free.

Discover 20+ Coaching Tools (360, Strengths, Wheel of Life, Life Map, Cognitive Biases, DISC, Enneagram..)

Use this Toolbox for your own Coaching Sessions (Ready-To-Use Tools, Tracks the Progress of your Clients, Generates automatic Reports..)

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Emma J., New Coach

GoMasterCoach taught me how to really tune in to others, to listen intently, follow my Coachee's agenda, turn "limiting" beliefs to empowering ones, listen to my intuition and a whole LOT more! It was an enriching learning journey, but above all, it was a HUMBLING experience. It made me realize that humility is really giving more of ourselves to really add value to others - and indeed I can't wait to share this learning with other.


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Sarah T., Manager

If better coaching skill is part of your 2020 resolutions, GoMasterCoach is the place to start your journey.

Geraldine and Aurelie are truly inspirational, creating a unique learning experience for each of us!!!!

John K., HR

I would like to thank the coaching group for all the moments we shared before I relocated to Australia and most of all Geraldine Gauthier & Aurelie Dhellemmes for their patience and kindness in teaching us what coaching is all about as well as success.

Meet your Trainers

Géraldine Gauthier & Aurélie Dhellemmes

Géraldine is a PCC Certified Coach accredited by ICF and founder of W2P Consulting, a coaching company based in Singapore. She designs and facilitates training & coaching engagements in Asia & Europe.


Géraldine graduated in Finance from the London School of Economics and Management from Dauphine University (Paris IX).

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Aurélie is an ACC Certified Coach accredited by ICF and NLP Certified by ABNLP. Her main driver is to make an impact and help others do so too.

Serial entrepreneur in Education, Coaching and Tech, in parallel of a career in IT and Finance.

Aurélie graduated with 3 Masters from 3 different continents: INSEAD MBA, Virginia Tech MSc IT, Telecom SudParis MSc IT.