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How To Manage Our Unconscious Biases

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

cognitive or unconscious bias can have dramatically negative consequences in our lives. It refers to a systematic error in thinking that occurs when we are processing and interpreting information in the world around us. Consequentially, it can affect the decisions and judgements that we make.

At GoMasterCoach, we took some time to reflect on our mental shortcuts and realised that there are 8 Cognitive Biases frequently impacting our judgement. 

We are now actively trying to challenge them to make better decision in our lives. What about you? What are your cognitive biases?  

8 Cognitive Biases that Affect Your Life
8 Cognitive Biases that Affect Your Life

How do I Overcome Cognitive Bias? 

It is definitely not easy to change the way you've been thinking for your whole life, nor spotting limitation you are not even aware of. However, there are 3 key actions you can take as a starting point to overcoming your cognitive biases: 

> Be aware of bias. Consider how biases might influence your thinking, your judgment.

> Consider the factors that impact your decisions. Are there factors such as overconfidence or self-interest at play? 

> Challenge your biases. If you notice that there are factors influencing your choices, focus on actively challenging your biases. What are some factors you have missed? 

Want to find out how biased you are? Test yourself with this quiz!

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