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The Empty Chair

To help verbalise what is going on: the abstract becomes more concrete.

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When to use

Empty Chair?

When a Client is experiencing an issue at a relationship level, this exercise  increases empathy level and rationalise the issue seeing both perspectives.

How to use it?

My client faces an empty chair, picturing the person with whom they are experiencing an issue, speaking to the empty chair about the situation, feelings and thoughts. Then, they move to the other chair, responding to what has been said from the other person's perspective, taking on their role. My client can move back and forth several times to continue the dialogue. Meanwhile, you can explore with questions and insights. 

As my Client takes on the other person’s role,

they gain insight into their own perspective

as well as the other person's.

Where to find it?

You can​ find Empty Chair and many other coaching tools on the GoMasterCoach Toolbox.

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