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Get Your ACC Coaching Credential (ICF)

GoMasterCoach’s program is a flexible and affordable way to complete your requirements towards ACC credential. Upon successful completion of GoMasterCoach's program, participants can apply for ACC credentials through the ACSTH route with the ICF.

What am I getting?

A cutting-edge coaching program based on industry research and neurosciences, including NLP Techniques.

Free Access to a Coaching Toolbox (App)

A Transformative Journey during which you will be Coached

Who is it For?

For people willing to transform other people's lives

You want to be an Elite Coach, stand out from the pack, and get consistent, world-class results for your clients

You are a HR or L&D Practitioner and wish to expand your people’s capabilities


You are a Manager or Entrepreneur and aim to instill a coaching culture within your company

You are an Executive who wants to upgrade current skills and capabilities in your work or life

Free Access to Coaching Toolbox

Get started with Coaching with ready-to-use tools and programs.


GoMasterCoach app gives you access to ready-to-use tools, programs, generates reports and helps you track your clients' progress. It is totally customisable, too!

Our Philosophy to Increase Your Learning!

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  • Learn coaching core competencies

  • Practice and apply coaching competencies to coaching conversations.

  • Promote an open, flexible, and confident coaching relationship with clients

  • Establish mutual respect and trust in a safe, supportive environment

  • Apply coaching ethics and standards appropriately in all coaching situations.

  • Demonstrate active listening, ask powerful questions, and use effective dialogue and feedback techniques to provide maximum benefit to clients.

  • Integrate and evaluate multiple sources of data and make interpretations that help clients achieve agreed-upon results.

  • Design actions and opportunities for ongoing learning that will most effectively lead to coaching results.

  • Launch your coaching business, develop you brand and grow your practice.

  • Develop and maintain an effective coaching plan with clients, manage ongoing progress, hold clients accountable for actions, highlight and celebrate successes, and adjourn the coaching process.

  • Learn how to design coaching programs and adequately use coaching tools to help your clients throughout their coaching journey.

Get Your ACC Coaching Certification


62 hours


4 months




18 February 2021


Free Access during the training


May 2021


HUONE Clarke Quay


Completion Requirements

62 Hours of Training

2 Coaching Assignments

1 Essay

1 Exam


Module 1

February 18-19, 2021

Face-to-Face Classroom

9am to 6pm

Module 2

March 25-26, 2021

Face-to-face Classroom

9am to 6pm

Module 3

April 14-15, 2021

Face-to-face Classroom

9am to 6pm

Module 4

May 2021

Virtual Classroom

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