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Houda Benyahia

Career Development Coach



Women Empowerment

Career Transition

Life Coaching


Certified Coach


As a coach, my main mission is to assist managers, executives and employees in growing their professional and personal potential, by learning about themselves rather than teaching them who they are, by enabling them to identify and achieve their goals and most importantly, by making sure they do feel comfortable and peaceful with those changes. I have committed to guiding and helping my coachees in feeling empowered, and able to face the daily challenges women and men must overcome on both personal and professional aspect.
I speak French and English, and I have been an expat for the past 10 years. I love to meet with new people, discover their life, challenge them, motivate them, and share my energy and positive spirit with them!
My motto is simple: I help people change path, redesign their life and career to achieve the life they really want.

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