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Leemei Tan-Boisgillot

High-Performance Coach & Cookbook Author



Life & Career Transformation


Expatriate Coaching




As a Change Consultant with extensive experience in Change/ Transformation in Banking & Financial Services, I have led and supported multiple projects and programs for global banks bringing transformation in innovation, efficiency, and growth. It has taken me to several countries, living in dynamic cities, and my stories have been shaped by very diverse cultural influences. Driven to guide clients toward high performance, I bring experience steering transformations in complex organisations, with a special focus on building resilience. Faced with adversity prompted self-transformation, I pursued a certification in coaching, and obtained ICF Associate Certified Coach credential in less than 6 months! I specialise in Transformational, High Performance, and Post Layoff Resilience.

I empower individuals to thrive beyond layoffs, providing firsthand insights, proven strategies, and personalised guidance. My focus also extends to elevating executives for professional success and high performance, empowering individuals/ teams to navigate changes, overcome challenges, and achieve ambitious yet attainable goals.

My journey through five countries in various roles has deepened my understanding of and appreciation for life's transformative challenges, enabling me to deeply empathise with others. I offer empathetic and insightful guidance, employing thought-provoking questions, and drawing from creative analogies, it's about living with purpose through mindset shift and discovering core identity, aligning the mind, body, and heart.

Outside work, I am very passionate about the richness of food and diverse cuisines. Also, as a cookbook author and a food writer, with two published titles and multiple features in prestigious publications, I celebrate and share the richness of food and cuisines through my writing and photography, bringing stories to life through words and flavours.

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