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Stop Mentoring - Start Coaching

Updated: May 4, 2023

Many leaders think that they’re coaching their employees, but they’re just telling them what to do.

Stop Telling, Start Asking.

Stop Mentoring, Start Coaching.

Telling people what to do makes us feel in control. We feel helpful.

We all mean well when we give advice.

❌ But it doesn’t work.


1️⃣ Information is rarely the main problem.

2️⃣ There is more going on behind the scenes that stops people from moving forward.

3️⃣ What could work for us might not work for someone else.

4️⃣ We all have a unique set of strengths & beliefs that drive our behaviours.

What REALLY motivates your employees?

What to do instead?

☑️ Try the power of asking questions.

☑️ Start from a place of curiosity.

☑️ Assume the best in the other person.

When you think of people as capable, you’ll get curious about why they might be stuck.

You’ll see more possibilities than simply “they don’t know, so I’ll tell them.”

What do you think?

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