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We simplify and boost your coaching journey with ICF coaching courses, innovative digital tools and empowering community.

Fast Track Process Starting:
ACC Programs: From September 2024
PCC Programs: From November 2024

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Why GoMasterCoach Courses and Platform ? 

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ICF Quality 

World-Recognised Certificate
Based on Neurosciences, ICF Practical Framework and 
NLP Techniques

Digital Coaching Toolbox
With 20+Tests, Reports & Customer Relationship Management Platform

Business &
Community Support

Launch & Monetise your Coaching Practice in a Lean and Efficient Way 

Trusted By The Best

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Elevate Your Career With Coaching 

Stand Up Meeting

ACC Coaching Certification Program

  • InPerson | 3 Months

  • Singapore 

  • Dates: Oct 3-4 |
    Nov 14-15 | Dec 6

  • 60 Hours Training

  • 10 hours Mentoring

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ACC Coaching Certification Program 

  • Online | 3 Months

  • Dates: Sep 23 (APAC EMEA) | Sep 25 (France) | Sep 26  (Americas)

  • Live Classes 3 times per week

  • 60 Hours Training

  • 10 hours Mentoring

Chatting Over Coffee

PCC Coaching Certification Program

  • Online | 3-6 Months

  • Dates: Nov 6 | Flexible Schedule

  • Live Classes 2 times per week

  • 65-125 Hours Training

  • 10 hours Mentoring

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Business Coaching Bootcamp

  • Online | 5 Weeks

  • Dates: From Sep 23

  • 5 workshops 

  • 1 Mentoring Session

  • Selling Techniques

  • LinkedIn Strategies

Trainings are open!

Program Info

Meet The Founder

Géraldine GAUTHIER is a Master Certified Coach, Gallup Strengths Coach, KeyNote Speaker and Personal Trainer based in Singapore.


She held various leadership positions in the Finance Industry before becoming an entrepreneur.


Géraldine graduated in Finance from the London School of Economics and Management from Dauphine University (Paris IX).


Meet The Faculty


Allison Heiliczer

  • ​Psychotherapist 

  • ICF-certified coach, ACC 

  • Graduate of New York University (NYU) & Monash University (Australia)

  • Author of ‘Rethink the Couch’ - Penguin Random House 

  • Based in Singapore

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Kanykei Omorova

  • L&D Expert 

  • ICF-certified coach, ACC

  • Graduate of American University of Central Asia

  • 11 years with International SOS across multiple countries

  • Based in Canada

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 18.39.19.png

Dr. Vivian Nazari

  • Coach & Healthcare Professional 

  • ICF-certified coach, PCC 

  • Graduate of King’s
    College London 

  • Fluent in English, French, Farsi, some Mandarin & Spanish

  • Based in the US

image (4).png

Celine Fontaine

  • Executive Coach

  • ICF-certified coach, PCC

  • Graduate Royal Holloway, University of London

  • Leadership Development Facilitation & Instructional Design

  • Based in Thailand


Geraldine Gauthier

  • Executive & Startup Coach

  • ICF-certified coach, MCC

  • Graduate of Paris IX & London School of Economics 

  • Gallup Strengths, DISC TTI,
    and Personal Trainer

  • Based in Singapore


Stephen Fantom

  • International Educator

  • Educational Leadership Coach

  • ICF-certified coach, ACC

  • CTI Co-Active trained 

  • Graduate of Kingston University & Oxford Brookes University 

  • Based in Singapore 

Why is life changing?
Hear from Alumni.

Simon: "It changed my life"

Houda: "GoMasterCoach brought me, not only a real network, but a real family and community!"

Himanshu: "The training has helped me to become a better person"

Looking to embark on a transformative journey and need the right life coach to support you? It's essential to find someone you connect with, who understands your goals, personality, and lifestyle.

How do I choose a life coach? Choosing a life coach is personal, but you can find the perfect match on GoMaster Coach's online database. Browse through qualified life coaches near you by searching for your location, review their information, and request a free consultation with your top choices to make an informed decision. It's that simple!

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Partners & Sponsors

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  • How do I become a certified coach?
    Becoming an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) involves a series of steps outlined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), one of the most globally recognized bodies for coaching certification. Below is a general guide to clarify the process: Complete at least 60 hours of training with an ICF-accredited program, such as GoMasterCoach. At least 50% of the hours must be live. This training covers the core competencies of coaching, ethics, and best practices. Get mentored for 10 hours: you will also need to complete 10 hours of mentor coaching with a qualified ICF coach. This usually includes three hours of individual coaching and seven hours of group coaching. Accumulate 100 hours of coaching experience with clients, with at least 8 clients following the start of your coaching training. Performance Evaluation: you will have to record a coaching session (20 to 60 minutes) showcasing the Core Competencies as described here. Pass the ICF Exam: a test that covers ICF's core competencies and ethical guidelines Credentialing Exam. Additional Tips Choose an ICF-Accredited Program: Make sure the training program you choose is accredited by the ICF to ensure it meets their standards. GoMasterCoach is accredited for level 1 and level 2. Practice: The more you coach, the more comfortable you'll become with the ICF core competencies, join a peer coaching network such as GoMasterCoach. Network: Joining a local ICF chapter can provide additional resources and support.
  • Which coaching certification is best?
    The ICF (International Coaching Federation) is one of the most globally recognized bodies for coaching certification. They offer three levels of certification: Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and Master Certified Coach (MCC), each with its own set of requirements and hours of coaching experience. You can get ICF Certified with GoMasterCoach. The GoMasterCoach Institute is fully accredited by ICF.
  • What can I do with a coaching certificate?
    You can become an Elite Coach, stand out from the pack, and get consistent, world-class results from your clients As a Manager or Entrepreneur, you can upskill and instill a coaching culture within your company. Google Survey showed that the number one skill to make a good manager is Coaching. As an Executive, you can upgrade current skills and capabilities in your work or life As a HR or L&D practitioner, you can expand your people’s capabilities You can host workshops/trainings
  • How long does it take to get certified as a life coach?
    The time it takes to become a certified coach can vary widely depending on the certification program, your prior experience, and how much time you can dedicate to the training and practice. On average, 3 to 12 months from the first day of the training. It depends on how fast you will do your 100 coaching hours and 10 hours of mentoring, followed by the ICF's Credentialing Exam. At GoMasterCoach, we offer a 3-month program. Participants receive their ACC credential after 6 to 9 months.
  • How much does a coaching certification cost?
    It can cost anywhere from USD2,000 to USD20,000+. GoMasterCoach costs ~USD3,950 (SGD5,300).
  • What is ACC Certification?
    ACC Certification refers to the Associate Certified Coach credential offered by the International Coach Federation (ICF), which is a globally recognized organization that sets the standards for professional coaching. ACC Credential-holders are trained (60+ hours), experienced (100+ hours) and mentored (10+ hours) coaches. To obtain the ACC credential, coaches must complete a training program and demonstrate their coaching skills and knowledge through a performance evaluation process. At GoMasterCoach, we pride ourselves on our team of certified coaches who possess the ACC credential and are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals.
  • How to get 100 coaching hours?
    The following all count toward achieving your 100 coaching hours: Paid Client Sessions: Hours count when you receive payment from a client for your coaching services. Internal Coaching: If your job role includes coaching responsibilities as a manager or HR, these hours contribute to your total. Contractual Third-Party Coaching: If you're contracted to provide coaching services to an external organization, these hours are eligible. Probono coaching: Engage in probono coaching to empower others and give back. Peer-to-Peer Coaching: Engage in reciprocal coaching exchanges with fellow life coaches to build your experience. We're committed to your coaching journey. With access to our expansive network of over 500 international coaches, you can engage in peer-to-peer coaching to practice and refine your skills. Learn more at GoMasterCoach Peer Coaching.
  • What are the benefits of being a certified coach?
    Credibility and Recognition: Certification enhances your professional credibility and is often internationally recognized, opening doors to global opportunities. Skill Development and Mentorship: Certification programs offer structured learning and mentorship, helping you refine your coaching skills and adhere to ethical standards. Career Advancement and Earning Potential: Being certified can lead to better career opportunities and the ability to command higher fees. Client Trust and Satisfaction: Certification reassures clients of your expertise and ethical standards, often leading to better client outcomes. Continuing Education and Networking: Certification usually comes with access to ongoing learning resources and a professional network, keeping you updated and connected in the field.
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