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Souhila Keffi

Executive & Life Coach





Personal Branding


Certified Coach


I am a French professional who called Asia home 12 years ago. With almost 20 years of experience in HR, specializing in compensation strategy in both consulting and in-house roles, I bring a unique perspective to my coaching services.

My journey has taken me from Paris to Hong Kong then Singapore, where I've spent the last 12 years soaking up diverse perspectives. I've managed teams and stakeholders in the Finance industry and Big Tech companies, gaining a deep understanding of corporate dynamics.

Fluent in five languages, I have a natural ability to connect and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds, which further supports my effectiveness as a coach. My academic credentials include a coaching certification, a master's degree in HR management and a business school program.

When I'm not coaching, you'll find me as COO at GoMasterCoach, where I'm shaping the future of coaching education. I play an instrumental role in defining our strategy based on the latest coaching trends and driving our international expansion efforts.

Whether you're aiming for professional advancement or seeking personal growth, I'm here to help you navigate your journey with insights combining strategic thinking with a human-centric approach.

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