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My Honest Reflection on 2023

This year was a rollercoaster with great highs, some lows, but definitely a unique year of personal and business growth. 


• Trained 70 coaches, received feedbacks beyond my expectations: “best investment ever” “ life-changing” "I wish I did it before". 

• Signed my biggest annual contract with a listed company to improve their customer service excellence with coaching. 

• Collaborated with 12 companies, expanding the reach.

• Created meaningful - non fluffy- workshops for 450+ professionals on IKIGAI, Biases, How to say NO, NVC, Parental Transition Coaching, Leader as coach

• Welcome 6 experts to our team to amplify the ripple effect of coaching. 


• Lost 30 leads, many lessons learned. If you ghosted me - no hard feelings - I am ready to reconnect.

• Struggled with balancing multiple roles: two weeks ago was the epitome: I had two major workshops, one discussion with a strategic partner, I was moving home and one kid with fever.

• Failed to delegate fast enough to focus on core strengths.

• Missed the opportunity to complete a triathlon.


• Learned innovate social media strategies from people half my age.

• Gained unexpected support from six mentors I admire => seek help when you are stuck.

• Received numerous referrals from inspiring leaders - and they keep coming.

• Received partnership proposals to expand GoMasterCoach into China, Australia, the Philippines, and Europe.

2024 PLAN 

• Prioritize quality family time.

• Expand globally, scaling GoMasterCoach to new heights.

• Aim to become a Master Certified Coach (MCC).

• Develop future-proof skills: AI, copywriting, and public speaking.

• Boost CoachAwards with more coaches, sponsors, and categories.

• Embrace a 'Slow Down to Accelerate' approach early 2024.

What are your 2023 Wins?

My Honest Reflection on 2023

PS : I'll share more lessons learned in my upcoming newsletter: The Coaching Tip of the Week. Subscribe to get the latest coaching insights!

PPS: Immensely grateful to all the people who have been part of this journey! Special thanks to Phuong Do for the continuous support to bring GoMasterCoach to the next level. 

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