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"Don't believe your client" 

This is the best advice I've received as a coach from my mentor. 

"Don't accept your client's perception of the world, challenge their narratives."

Don't accept your client's perception of the world, challenge their narratives.

This counter-intuitive approach is transformative. Let's explore why: 

1️⃣ Perception vs. Reality:

Client: "This is a spiral 🌀 like my life."

Reality: They're caught in their perception, mistaking it for the truth.

👉 Your coaching mission? Challenge this perception. Look again. 

(Spoiler alert: this is not a spiral, but a series of circles)

2️⃣ Skepticism as a Tool: 

Skepticism in coaching isn't disbelief but a deeper exploration.

👉 Ask: "What makes you think it's a spiral?" Encourage them to follow the lines they see. Often, they'll discover a new shape.

3️⃣ Objective Observation:

As coaches, we observe from outside our clients' perception bubble.

👉 Our role is to provide a fresh, objective viewpoint that questions their subjective truths.

4️⃣ The Bottom Line:

Don't just accept your client's narrative and beliefs. Challenge them. Go deeper. Transform perceived spirals into tangible circles.

👉 This is how you foster real, lasting change.

🌀 Do you find this metaphor insightful? 

I am Geraldine GAUTHIER founder of GoMasterCoach.

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