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Common Pitfalls Among Coaches

I've trained over 300 coaches and observed common pitfalls. 

Here are 10 frequent ones, and the insights I've gained: 

1️⃣ Coaching ≠ Mentoring Mix up : Many enter the coaching world mistaking it for mentoring. Coaching lies in empowering, not advising.

2️⃣ The Urge to Provide Solutions: A major hurdle for new coaches. True coaching is about helping someone find their own solutions, not offering yours.

3️⃣  Listening to Speak, Not to Understand: A common mistake is listening with the intent to give advice, rather than truly understanding what is being said.

4️⃣ Discomfort with uncertainty: New coaches often find it challenging to embrace the unknown in a conversation and dance in the moment. Let go of the script!

5️⃣ Strong Attachment to Outcomes: In a result-driven world, coaches are often too attached to outcomes or solutions for their clients. Trust the process.

Common Pitfalls Among Coaches

6️⃣ Perception = Projection: Often, we project our fears and worldviews onto others, which can skew their perception.

7️⃣ Asking Leading Questions: New coaches often ask questions that lead the client, rather than asking powerful, open-ended questions.

8️⃣ Formula over Intuition: New coaches rely too much on formulas although their intuition can be more insightful.

9️⃣ Complexity Kills Depth: Simplicity in coaching techniques (like silence, mirroring, summarizing) is often more effective than complex techniques or questions. 

🔟 Focusing Too Much on Surface Problems (the WHAT) instead of focusing on the Person (the WHO).

What would you add in 1️⃣1️⃣ ?

Coaching often gets a bad rap, seen as non-essential or fluffy. Yet, when executed with proper intention and skills, it can be transformative in various areas like leadership, career transitions, or business growth (and more!).

I am Geraldine, Founder of GoMasterCoach.

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