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5 Beliefs I Had to Give Up to Build My Business

The path to entrepreneurship is as much about unlearning as it is about learning. 

It is about letting go of old beliefs. Here are 5 I had to give up: 

5 Beliefs I Had to Give Up to Build My Business

1️⃣ The limiting  Belief about my French accent 

I used to see my French accent as a major obstacle in coaching and training English speakers... I realized it’s about the value and passion you bring, not the accent you speak with. 

2️⃣ Shortcuts 

I was all about quick wins. Finding shortcuts to goals. Entrepreneurship taught me the value of patience and perseverance. 

3️⃣Fear of Judgement 

The fear of being judged was paralyzing. But entrepreneurship demands visibility. I learned to transform this fear turning it into courage to be seen and heard. It became an opportunity for impact.

4️⃣ Career Safety

A good salary and a safe career path in Finance were tempting to cling to. 

Earn or Learn they say. I picked the learn path, transforming into earn. I shifted from 'Earn to Learn' => 'Learn to Earn'...and professional freedom

5️⃣Feedback Avoidance

As a people pleaser, criticism was hard to take. But in the entrepreneurial world, feedback is the fastest route to growth. I learned to embrace it. 

 These shifts in mindset helped me to dare more in my entrepreneurial journey and build a more fulfilling career path. 

What should I put in 6️⃣  ?

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