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Discipline & Motivation for CEOs

This year, I've worked with 26 CEOs. Here is what I've observed:

- Some CEOs have strong insecurities about their abilities. "I feel like a fraud" shared one of them recently. 

- Some are very introverted, struggling against the typical expectations of extroverted leadership.

- Not all are masters in their fields (and they don't need to be).

- Some feel really disconnected from their teams.

BUT they all have ONE thing in common:

✅The right mix of Motivation and Discipline.

➡️Motivation: This PULLs them towards their vision and gets others on board.

⬅️Discipline: It's PUSH them to do the work and keep systems in place.

The right mix of Motivation and Discipline

YET the secret lies in finding the perfect balance between the two.

Motivation, while powerful, isn't constant. Discipline is not be enough to inspire others to follow.

In your experience, what makes a great CEO?


I am Geraldine, Founder of GoMasterCoach

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