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What Does a Coach REALLY Do?

I am not here to provide solutions to the people I coach.

I am not here to mentor, to tell them what to do. 

This is an uncompromising aspect of my professional practice.

I firmly believe that each individual I coach has the inner resources to achieve their goals. Often, I see potential in my clients even more than they see in themselves.

What Does a Coach REALLY Do?

So, what do your do as a coach? 

✅ I listen, question, and act as a mirror. 

❌ I don't give answers

YET this doesn't mean I'm passively waiting for insights to emerge.

✅ I adopt a BOLD approach to coaching:

B - Beneath the Surface: We delve deeper than initial objectives, challenging surface-level goals to uncover underlying beliefs and values; exploring the relationship of my client with the goal; the WHY.

O - Outcomes Focused: We concentrate on defining clear, tangible outcomes. What does success look like? We avoid vague, undefined objectives, fluffly action points.

L - Leap Out of Comfort Zone: I create a supportive and safe space for clients to take risks and stretch beyond their comfort zones. This is the only place where change happens. 

D - Dare to Share: My role isn't limited to listening and questioning. I share observations about patterns, body language, behavioural and emotional shifts, and what is not said.

✅ My aim is to create the best conditions for my clients to discover their hidden abilities, break their barriers and take concrete action.

Thinking of hiring a coach? 

1. Meet with 2 or 3. Chemistry is a key success factor.

2. Share your expectations

3. Ask about their coaching philosophies.

4. If a coach dominates 80% of the conversation, consider looking elsewhere. Coaches who act like they know it all might not be the best fit. 

5. Inquire if they are supervised. Only real professional coaches are.

What are your thoughts? 

Feel free to react and share your comments!

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