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What's Your Behaviour Style? Discover with DISC Model

Recently, we conducted a workshop on collaboration using DISC assessment 🔴🟡🟢🔵.

The results were eye-opening.

Some people can't seem to understand each other despite putting in extensive efforts.

We discovered the reasons with DISC.

Do you know this assessment? Its interesting to see how accurately the test pinpoints people's compatibility.

It measures your tendencies and preferences — your patterns of behaviours:





We all have the 4 colors in us.

But we all have a dominant colour.

Misunderstandings often arise from opposite colours: 🔵🟡 and 🔴🟢 or from mono-colour teams.

The reasons?

- We tend to assume others should all be like us, act like us, understand us.

- We don’t take the other person's colour into account when we communicate.

- We tend to hire people with similar colours.

By understanding your own colour and the colours of those around you, you can create stronger, more collaborative teams.

What is your DISC color? Discover your DISC Profile here

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