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Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Augment or Destroy The Coaching Experience ?

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Let me set the stage by stepping into the realm of a popular genre: science fiction.

Imagine the year 2040. Sarah, a thriving executive in her mid-40s, is navigating a crisis. She’s been pondering whether to venture into entrepreneurship or cling to her high-ranking corporate position. Sarah reaches out for help. Instead of connecting with a human coach, as one might expect, she engages with an AI system - GoMasterBot, an AI-based coach.

The interaction is smooth, efficient, and even includes elements of humor. GoMasterBot, through machine learning, anticipates Sarah's emotional responses, offers data-based feedback, and generates personalized suggestions. It's the epitome of a well-structured coaching session, sans human involvement. The session ends, and Sarah is left contemplating the guidance she's received, feeling surprisingly reassured.

Reflect on that for a moment. Feel the chill creeping up your spine? Or perhaps, you're intrigued by the possibilities? Whether you're alarmed or excited, it’s evident that the fusion of AI and coaching is no longer a distant fantasy, but a rapidly approaching reality.

In the wake of AI's unexpected arrival, particularly the advent of ChatGPT, I found myself deeply concerned about the Future of Coaching. Conversations with my peers, both within and outside the coaching community, ignited intense debates. Will artificial intelligence (AI) augment or destroy the coaching experience? And as a coach, should I be worried about the longevity of my career?

Denial and Fear

I noticed a divide among those I spoke with.

Some firmly believed that AI could never replace the essential components of coaching, such as empathy, intuition, and the human touch. They insisted that coaching would remain unscathed by the rise of AI.

On the other hand, there were those who saw AI as the future of coaching, capable of transforming the entire landscape and threatening our profession as it exists today.

A Shift in Perspective

Rather than clinging to denial or succumbing to fear, I realised the importance of embracing AI. I began to see the opportunities it presented and the ways in which I could adapt in the face of change.

AI's Impact on Coaching

1. Behavioural Analysis:

AI's ability to analyse human behaviour patterns, such as speech, body language, and emotional cues, can provide coaches with profound insights. This deeper understanding allows us to identify areas for improvement and tailor our approach to each client's unique needs, leading to more impactful and personalized guidance.

2. Virtual Coaches (CoachBots like GMCBot):

We see emerging available on-demand virtual coaches offering real-time feedback, answering questions, and providing insights based on data analysis. These virtual coaches make coaching accessible and convenient, ensuring support is available whenever and wherever it is needed. While the interaction may be transactional, their availability and efficiency on some topics cannot be denied.

3. Ethical Issues:

AI raises important ethical considerations. Issues such as data privacy, algorithm bias, and the potential loss of human connection must be carefully addressed. We must be vigilant in ensuring the responsible and ethical use of AI, maintaining the trust, privacy, and well-being of our clients.

4. Yearning for Authentic Human connection:

As AI continues to advance, a remarkable phenomenon is emerging – a collective yearning for authentic human connections. Many individuals are recognizing the value of genuine human interaction and the profound impact it can have on our well-being. As coaches, we have a unique opportunity to foster these connections.

5. Bridge between the AI advancements and the fundamental need for connection:

the very presence of AI can trigger feelings of anxiety and uncertainty in individuals. The rapid advancement of technology and the potential consequences it may bring can leave people feeling overwhelmed and disconnected. This is where coaches can play a vital role. By offering a safe and empathetic space, coaches can help individuals navigate their anxieties, manage their mental health, and find solace in the presence of another human being.

Embracing the Future

To prepare ourselves as Coaches, we must take proactive steps:

1. Develop AI Literacy:

Stay informed about emerging technologies relevant to coaching, such as AI, data analytics, and virtual platforms. This knowledge equips us to understand their capabilities and potential implications for our coaching practice.

2. Emphasise Emotional Intelligence:

While technology plays a vital role, let us not forget the enduring importance of the human element in coaching. By enhancing our emotional intelligence skills, we deepen our understanding of our clients' needs, emotions, and motivations. By staying attuned to the emotional needs of our clients, we can provide the invaluable human touch that AI cannot replicate.

3. Building Strong Communities:

Engage in conversations with fellow coaches, attend networking events, and join professional coaching associations. By collaborating and sharing insights, we can navigate the evolving coaching landscape more effectively.

The future of coaching will undoubtedly be influenced by AI.

As coaches, we have a choice to make: resist or embrace.

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Geraldine Gauthier is all about coaching and helping people find their sweet spot in life. She is passionate about taming those pesky inner critics and guiding individuals to design the careers they truly desire.

Her expertise lies in coaching leaders, training coaches, and leading trainers.

She is on a mission to amplify the ripple effect of coaching through her coaching school,, which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). GMC also created a fantastic digital coaching toolbox to enhance the coaching experience.

She had the privilege of supporting over 50 C-level clients, ranging from Series A startups to big multinational corporations. She also helped more than 200 coaches achieve their ICF certification and provided coaching, leadership, and wellbeing training to over 1000 executives from MNCs.

Her clients have been instrumental inter growth, and she developed proven game-changing frameworks inspired by their feedback, research and neuroscience for leaders, coaches, and trainers.

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