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Arbi Lim

Women & Young Adult Coach



Women Empowerment

Career Coaching

Life Coaching


Certified Coach


From a young age, Arbi has been on a non-stop transformational journey. She knows very well the dilemmas that young adults face, from choosing a course, a school, and eventually a job. She also understands the conflict of choosing between career and family as she had been through this twice during her corporate life. Because of these experiences, it has become Arbi’s mission to partner as a coach with women and young adults who are going through major decisions or transitions in their personal or professional life. She believes that through coaching, everyone is able to achieve the best outcome and live a fulfilled life.

Aside from her diverse experience and extensive multicultural background, Arbi also holds an MBA from University of Nottingham and is married with 2 kids. She offers one-to-one coaching and team coaching sessions.

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