Patricia Hubert


Career & Wellbeing Coach



Work-Life Balance

Career Development


ICF ACC (Associate Certified Coach)


I used to believe that through education we could make the world a better place, now I see that education in tandem with coaching is an even more effective tool for change.

I bring to my new career as a coach 20 years of experience in International Education as a high school French teacher, combined with 8 years of experience in the translation industry and in hospitality management. Over the years, living and working in Europe, North America, and Asia, I have developed strong communication and listening skills, deep cultural awareness, and an ingenuity that I bring freely to my coaching practice.

I’m now an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) whose passion is to help educators and students gain clarity and perspective on their personal and professional growth so that they can pursue their aspirations with renewed confidence.
I offer individualized, coaching programs for Educators and Students designed to generate sustainable result around topics such as:
* Improving well-being * Career advancement and transition *Cultivating the adaptability and resilience for changes * Attention management * Building resilience and strength.

As a professional who has worked in a bilingual environment for many years, I offer coaching sessions in English or French, remotely or face-to-face.