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8 Steps to Create Your Side Business

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Time to Break Free from the Corporate Trap !

Are you tired of the corporate grind? Have you considered starting a side business?

Many of my coaching clients are exploring the idea of a side business to achieve financial independence, protect themselves from layoffs, and find fulfilment.

If you are ready to live life on your own terms, It's time to lay the foundation for the next chapter of your career with my step-by-step guide.

8 Easy Steps To Create Your Side Business (Bonus: My Favorite Tools!)

Freedom to create the career you desire with a side business!
Freedom to create the career you desire with a side business!

Let's dive into the world of coaching as an example of a side business.

  1. Discover Your Niche Identify your coaching niche by reflecting on your passions, professional background, and natural strengths. Whether it's career coaching, executive coaching, wellness coaching, or business coaching, find the area where you can offer specialized support. Read this article on IKIGAI to clarify your niche.

  2. Develop Your Coaching Skills Invest in yourself by choosing the right coaching certification program such as Go Master Coach to establish your credibility as a coach. Consider checking out the International Coaching Federation for reputable options.

  3. Craft Your Services What pain points are you addressing? Create coaching service packages that cater to your target audience's needs. Determine the duration, frequency, and format of your coaching sessions.

  4. Build Your Coaching Brand and Online Presence Leverage platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram to build your brand. Create a Website in 1 hour using Carrd or Wix. Showcase your expertise, shares success stories, and provides valuable resources.

  5. Attract Your Ideal Clients Create a newsletter on Substack or Mailchimp to stay connected with your audience. Keep you ideal clients in mind when you develop content: addres their pain points, offer solutions.

  6. Test and Refine Your Offering Gather feedback, analyze your first clients' responses, and refine your offering based on their suggestions. This iterative process will help you fine-tune your business. Accept setbacks!

  7. Focus on Customer Experience Providing exceptional customer experience is vital for building a loyal customer base. Make yourself available and save time with Calendly. Prioritize responsiveness, reliability, and personalized interactions with your clients.

  8. Scale and Diversify Once your side coaching business gains momentum, consider scaling and diversifying your services with online courses or group workshops.

Don't wait for a layoff to push you towards entrepreneurship. Take the reins of your professional life and create your safety net by starting a side business today. Geraldine

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