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Coach The Person, Not The Problem.

Updated: May 12, 2023

That is the best advice I've ever received as a coach.

It is from Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, MCC's book.

It has truly transformed the way I work with my clients.

I used to get caught up in the surface-level problems that clients bring to the table...

...But I realized the initial objective in a coaching conversation is rarely the REAL objective.

Every problem is connected to a larger issue or pattern.

The key is to understand the client's relationship with the problem.

WHO they are at their core, and their identity influences, how they handle day-to-day situations.

HOW do you coach beneath the surface? HOW do you shift from the Problem to the Person?

✅ Ask your client: "WHY is this objective important for you?

✅ Explore their belief system, their values, WHO they are?

✅ By coaching the "WHO" of the client, you can help them achieve their goals, the "WHAT”.

What's the best coaching advice you've ever received ?

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