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Masterful coaching is not a formula.

Exclusive interview with Marion Franklin, Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Just a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit down for an exclusive interview with Marion Franklin (MCC), the brilliant author behind one of my all-time favourite coaching books, The HeART of Laser-Focus Coaching, who is about to publish her second book, "What Would a Wise Person Do?" 

Here are my key learnings from the wisdom Marion shared with me:

1️⃣ What would be a coaching tip or technique that you would give someone starting their coaching journey?

“I would say, forget the training. A lot of the training is really very formulaic. [...] Masterful coaching is not a formula. That's not what coaching is about. Coaching should be about changing the thinking, right? About transforming what somebody is thinking so they have a new perspective.

2️⃣ What is wisdom for you? 

So, really being aware and capturing those little moments, emotions and trying to reflect on them on the spot.That's what they call wisdom. When you do something and you stop. And you think about it and why did I do it that way, and what made me do that?  And what's making this a problem for me? 

And when you do all that becomes wisdom. 

3️⃣ Could you share a transformational question? 

I don't specifically like to have a cadre of questions because I think then you're not in the moment but some of my really favorites are: And what does that mean for you? It's honestly one of my favourite questions. It's so simple, but it's so great.  Another one is : what would a  wise person do? In the right timing is just a brilliant question. Absolutely brilliant. It works miracles. 

4️⃣ How do you laser-focus in a coaching session? How do you get to the core of the issue of your client ?

Stay out of the narrative, just ignore it. The story is irrelevant. It's only the backdrop. It's just a bunch of words. “My boss is awful, he hates me. And it's a terrible environment at work. And I can't stand my coworker. “....Who cares? The bottom line is they're not happy at work. That's the bottom line. So you can cut to that chase in one question.  The key is every question has to be about the person, not their story. You never, ever need to ask anything about the story because they know their story. If you ask it's because you are being nosy. You do not need to know anymore. You need to figure out what's the emotion of what's going on for them but you do not need anything else.  

Thank you, Marion Franklin, for sharing these invaluable insights that undoubtedly enrich the coaching community and enhance the practice of upcoming and established coaches alike. Here are our key takeaways:

  1. Look beyond formulaic training: Move away from rigid methodologies in coaching. Instead, focus on transformative processes a well as deeper coaching techniques that change perspectives and foster new insights.

  2. The essence of wisdom: Wisdom in coaching involves capturing and reflecting on the subtle moments and emotions during sessions. This introspective practice helps deepen the coaching impact.

  3. Transformational questioning: Effective questioning techniques can lead to profound insights and are crucial skills for certified coaches.

  4. Laser-focus on core Issues: Coaches should concentrate on the client's main concerns rather than getting lost in irrelevant narratives. This focused approach helps identify and address the root of the client’s issues more efficiently.

Who's Marion Franklin?

Marion is a pioneer, a Master Certified Coach (MCC) since 2006, and a Professional Certified Life Coach (PCC) since 1998. She is the renowned best-selling author of "The HeART of Laser-Focused Coaching: A Revolutionary Approach to Masterful Coaching."

Marion is also the co–author of "7 Simple Secrets to Successful Workshops"and provides consulting services and coach professional development for the delivery of workshop presentations on a global basis. 

For 12 years, she attended the School of Practical Philosophy that emphasizes putting philosophical principles into practical terms.

She is a member of International Coaching Federation – New York City Chapter and has a Master's Degree in Business and in Education, co–founded a healthcare publishing company, and taught High School Business Education.

Watch the FULL interview here:

Geraldine GAUTHIER

Geraldine runs GoMasterCoach, an ICF accredited coaching school, where she provides not only career and executive coaching education but also digital coaching tools, coaching business development and a coach marketplace. She has coached over 50 executives, helped 300 coaches gain ICF certification, and trained over 1,000 executives in leadership and well-being. Now, she is dedicated to empowering others to break their own boundaries and redefine their potential. If you're aiming to surpass your limits, she’s here to prove it's within your reach.

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