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Six Common Myths About Coaching

During a recent coffee catch-up, an old friend questioned my career choice in coaching, echoing common misconceptions I've heard countless times. It struck me how many myths surround this profession.

Here, I aim to debunk six of the most prevalent misunderstandings about coaching.

  1. Isn't Coaching Just for Strugglers? Myth: Only those failing need coaching. Truth: Many top leaders and successful individuals use coaching to sharpen and grow (think Federer, Oprah, Bill Gates...)

  2. Anyone Can Coach, Right? Myth: No special training needed. Truth: Quality coaches often have deep training and real-world experience. They undergo rigorous ICF certification programs such as GoMasterCoach's trainings.

  3. Isn't Coaching Just Another Word for Mentoring? Myth: Coaching equals mentoring. Truth: Coaching pushes for personal insight and growth, while mentoring often relies on shared industry knowledge.

  4. Coaching vs. Therapy Myth: They're the same. Truth: Coaching is generally future-focused and action-oriented, while therapy often addresses past traumas and emotional healing.

  5. Can't Measure Coaching Success, Can We? Myth: Benefits are always intangible. Truth: Many coaching sessions yield clear, measurable results. Check this article to discover how to assess the ROI of coaching.

  6. Is Coaching Just for the Rich? Myth: Only the elite can afford it. Truth: There are coaching options for almost every budget. This is our mission at GoMasterCoach to democratise coaching.

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