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What Makes a Successful Coach? Six Essential Skills !

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Imagine for a moment that you're standing on the edge of a forest, peering into the dense undergrowth. You know you want to get to the other side, to the destination that's been whispering to you in your dreams. You can feel its call, but the path through the forest is daunting and uncertain. You're hesitant to venture forth.

Now, imagine that beside you stands a person. This person understands your fears, listens deeply to your hopes, and helps you chart a course through the forest. This person stays with you every step of the way, helping you stay on track when the path gets twisty and urging you on when you feel like turning back.

That's who a coach is— a partner, a catalyst for transformation.

Successful coaches embody several key qualities and skills that make them indispensable catalysts in the journey of personal and professional growth.

Here are 8 skills that set them apart:

1. Active Listening:

A great coach knows that every sigh, every pause, every spoken and unspoken word tells a story. They have honed the art of active listening, tuning into these subtle cues to understand the dreams, fears, and aspirations of their clients.

2. Effective Communication:

A successful coach understands that every person speaks a unique language. They can translate complex ideas into clear, digestible information, ensuring their clients feel heard and get clarity.

3. Empathy:

A coach's heart is a mirror reflecting their client's emotions. They feel what their clients feel, connect deeply with them, and provide support that's not only intellectual but also emotional. In a world that often discounts feelings, they honor emotions as the catalysts for change.

4. Patience & Perseverance:

The path to change is often long and winding. A successful coach understand that true transformation takes time and that there are no shortcuts to lasting change. Their patience is the quiet whisper that tells their clients, "It's okay. Take your time. You're making progress."

5. Accepting the Unknown:

Every coaching journey plunges into the realm of the unknown. A successful coach is comfortable with uncertainty, able to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of their clients, and support them through uncharted terrains with confidence.

6. Self-Starter:

Successful coaches are pioneers at heart. They're always learning, seeking out new techniques, refining their skills, and blazing trails in the world of coaching.

Each of these qualities is like a thread, and when woven together, they form the fabric of a successful coach. But to weave this fabric and don the mantle of a coach, you need the right training and certification.

Our ICF coaching certification program is your loom. We offer comprehensive, hands-on training that equips you with the essential skills you need to become an effective coach. You'll learn to listen actively, communicate effectively, demonstrate empathy, exercise patience, persevere, embrace the unknown, and keep that self-starter spirit burning brightly.

Who is ICF coaching certification for?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) certification program is for anyone who aspires to be a professional coach, whether their focus is life coaching, business coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching, or any other niche within the coaching industry.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) certification program is also for anyone who aspires to overcome some life challenges or career crossroads.

If you nod in agreement to the struggles below, coaching training is your compass to navigate these crossroads confidently.

1. Career Transition – Your Path Awaits:

If you find yourself between jobs, the future might seem as daunting as a fog-shrouded path. The myriad options, coupled with the fear of the unknown, can be paralyzing.

🎯 But what if I told you there's a silver lining to this cloud? This hiatus can be an empowering pause, a chance to step back, reassess, and realign. Coaching training equips you with the tools to identify your strengths, recognize your blind spots, and curate a robust action plan. Let's turn this uncertainty into a launchpad for your career's next exciting chapter.

2. Unfulfilled in Your Corporate Job – Broaden Your Horizons:

When your corporate job feels like a hamster wheel, the path ahead might appear mundane and devoid of exciting opportunities. But, this doesn't have to be your career's swan song!

🎯 By earning a coaching certification, you can create new opportunities, even launch your own side business, laying the foundation for your future as a successful solopreneur. With over 63% of businesses now offering coaching services to employees, the demand for trained coaches is skyrocketing. It's time you step into this burgeoning field!

3. Transitioning into Leadership – Harness Your Potential:

Promotion to a leadership role can be thrilling yet intimidating. You have the technical expertise but feel underprepared to manage a team effectively.

🎯 Our training offers more than just theories; it is a comprehensive toolkit of best practices to empower people. You'll gain crucial team coaching skills and learn strategies to foster psychological safety within professional environments. Let's transform you from a leader-in-making to an effective, inspiring leader.

4. A Desire to Give Back – Impact Lives:

If you've had a fulfilling career yet yearn for a greater purpose, an opportunity to give back, to positively impact lives, your journey doesn't stop here.

🎯 Coaching, my friends, is an extraordinarily powerful way to make a difference in various settings: corporations, educational establishments, NGOs, or community support groups. The ripple effect of your actions will touch countless lives, turning you into a beacon of hope and empowerment.

Coaching is more than a profession—it's a vocation, a calling that empowers you to navigate your life crossroads and be the guiding light for others in their journey.

If these situations resonate with you, reach out to us. Let's embark on this transformative journey of coaching training together. It's time to turn your struggles into stepping stones, your doubts into determination, and your fears into fuel for your journey. Together, we can make it happen.

Launching a side coaching business to create freedom and fulfilment
Launching a side coaching business to create freedom and fulfilment

How do I launch and grow my coaching business ?

Now you are a certified coach (ACC or PCC Coach). It's time to break free from the corporate trap ! You can launch your (side) business to achieve financial independence, protect themselves from layoffs, and find fulfilment.

If you are ready to live life on your own terms, It's time to lay the foundation for the next chapter of your career with my step-by-step guide.

1. Discover Your Niche:

Identify your coaching niche by reflecting on your passions, professional background, and natural strengths. Whether it's career coaching, executive coaching, wellness coaching, or business coaching, find the area where you can offer specialized support. Read this article on IKIGAI to clarify your niche.

2. Craft Your Services:

What pain points are you addressing? Create coaching service packages that cater to your target audience's needs. Determine the duration, frequency, and format of your coaching sessions.

3. Build Your Coaching Brand and Online Presence:

Leverage platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram to build your brand. Create a Website in 1 hour using Carrd or Wix. Showcase your expertise, shares success stories, and provides valuable resources.

4. Attract Your Ideal Clients:

Create a newsletter on Substack or Mailchimp to stay connected with your audience. Keep you ideal clients in mind when you develop content: addres their pain points, offer solutions.

5. Test and Refine Your Offering:

Gather feedback, analyze your first clients' responses, and refine your offering based on their suggestions. This iterative process will help you fine-tune your business. Accept setbacks!

6. Focus on Customer Experience:

Providing exceptional customer experience is vital for building a loyal customer base. Make yourself available and save time with Calendly. Prioritize responsiveness, reliability, and personalized interactions with your clients.

7. Scale and Diversify:

Once your side coaching business gains momentum, consider scaling and diversifying your services with online courses or group workshops.

Don't wait to start your dream project. Take the reins of your professional life now. Become a catalyst for transformation that you're destined to be!

Contact us today to learn more about our coaching certification program, online or inperson in Singapore. Embark on a journey that will not only change your life but also the lives of those you coach.

You're standing on the edge of the forest. Your journey awaits. Let's step into it together.

Géraldine GAUTHIER is a Professional Certified Coach, Gallup Strengths Coach, KeyNote Speaker and Personal Trainer based in Singapore.

She held various leadership positions in the Finance Industry before becoming an entrepreneur.

Géraldine graduated in Finance from the London School of Economics and Management from Dauphine University (Paris IX).

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