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How Do You Lead?

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

“Do as I say!”

When I started my career, my boss was constantly dictating tasks, giving orders and dishing out criticism. His authority only came from his position. As my manager, he had control over me but I felt disempowered and not motivated. I quitted.

Like most of the people who resign, I left my boss, not the company.

This command-and-control approach is typical of leadership styles of the past, but it doesn't hold much water with today’s talents.

The old way of being a boss is over.

How Do You Lead?
How Do You Lead?

No longer can the leader drop orders from a place of position. Many studies point out that coaching is the most important managerial competency that separates effective managers from those that are nothing but average. One of them is from Google who highlighted that the #1 behavior of Google's best managers is to be a good coach (Oxygen’s survey).

This is a fundamental shift that is accelerating with remote working. Over the past 2 years, we’ve seen more and more of the companies we work with investing in training their managers as coaches. More and more, coaching is becoming integral to the fabric of a corporate culture; a skill that good managers need to develop.

But most managers don’t know how to coach people…although they think they are pretty good at it. Do you have this blind spot?

But most managers don’t know how to coach people…although they think they are pretty good at it.
But most managers don’t know how to coach people…although they think they are pretty good at it.

This significant gap has been highlighted in a study detailed in Harvard Business Review where executives assessed their own coaching skills and compared them to people who worked with them.

Managers think they are great coaches but instead they mentor and solve problems for others.

How can you develop your coaching skills as a leader?

Here are some of the tips we will share during our workshop on November 17th to boost your leadership.

📈Use the GROW coaching model to create meaningful conversations - we will walk you through the four stages of the most famous coaching model - GROW - Goal, Reality, Option, Way Forward - during the experiential workshop.

🙋 Don't tell. Ask powerful questions - When you solve problems for others, you rob them of the chance to do their own thinking. There’s nothing wrong with being good at problem solving except when it prevents people from learning and taking ownership of solutions. Your role is to spark insights in the other person. We can help with 100 powerful coaching questions. You can just download them here. You are welcome!

👂 Sharpen you listening skills - Chances are you’re a lousy listener – even though you think you’re good at it. Actually, 96% believe of us think they are good listeners according to Accenture. Do you have at least 9 people out of 10 around you that would qualify as good listeners? Learn the 3 levels of listening during our workshop to boost your invisible superpower.

💪 Focus on people’s strengths - Gallup found that employees feel more confident and productive when focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses. In turn, this leads to higher engagement, better performance, and lower attrition rates. Do you know your people's strengths ? And their drivers?

🏆 Help people define what success look like - What does success look like for this task? For this project? For your role? For your career? We spend way too much time defining objectives, not enough time defining successes… How can you reach an objective if you don’t have clarity on the expected outcome?

Now let me ask you: what does success look like for you as a LEADER? What leader would you like to become in 6-month time? How will you behave differently? How will you know you have become the leader you want to be?

Join our session to learn coaching skills and become a greater leader!

Geraldine from GoMasterCoach

GoMasterCoach's ICF-Accredited Coaching Certification Program

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