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Burnout : One Coaching Question that Can Make the Difference

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Yesterday, one of my clients told me "this question has changed my life."

This client is a high achiever working for a tech company. He is on the verge of burnout. He told me this simple question helped him tremendously to make better choices since then: "I now decline projects very assertively, I know what is important, what is not. It is a great way to keep my sanity in check. There are so many distractions!"

This question is a great reminder of the SCARCITY of our time…and most importantly, the SCARCITY of our energy.

Another way of framing it is from André Gide: "Choisir, c'est renoncer" (“to choose is to give up”)

So I thought if it has helped my clients, it could also help you, couldn't it?

Geraldine from GoMasterCoach

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