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Free Assesment: What is your DISC Profile?

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

“How can I influence my boss?”

“Why do I have communication issues with this colleague?”

“What could motivate my client?”

DISC is an amazing tool to better understand your patterns of behaviors and people you interact with.

I love to use this personal assessment tool when I coach individuals and teams as it instantly creates a common language we can use to better collaborate.

It generates meaningful conversations around conflicts, communication preferences and teamwork.

It creates breakthroughs: “ I now CLEARLY get why it was so difficult to work with my former boss!” “ I understand how to better communicate with my spouse.” We all want that, right?


DISC helps you understand how to INFLUENCE others (which is a VERY common coaching request).

How would you influence a D (Red) Person? Prepare yourself, don’t mumble. Be straight to the point! It is just about “Let's do this, we're decisive, let's get on with it.”

How would you influence a I (Yellow) Person? Be their friend, be a fun person, be their kind of person, be exciting to them!Share ideas! Keep your energy high.

How would you influence a S (Green) Person? Put a lot of time into building the relationship. They're not going to do what you want unless they like you, unless they feel comfortable with you.

How would you influence a C (Blue) Person? Build up the relationship using their language: data and details. Stay factual and prepare your numbers to convince.

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