Coping with Constant Changes in the age of Covid-19

Updated: Aug 19

Shock, Denial, Blame, Confusion, Acceptance... How do you cope with the COVID-19 situation?

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Amidst all this chaos, it's more important than ever to pay attention to your emotional well-being. A powerful model which can help you monitor your emotions better and understand the stages of personal transition your are going through is The Change Curve.

The Change Curve was developed by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in 1969 to understand the pattern of emotions when one is going through a loss. However, this pattern actually applies to any major change we experience.

Where are You on the Change Curve?

Stage 1 begins when the change happens, where people's initial reaction may be shock "Have you seen the news about Wuhan???"

Stage 2 Then people move to Denial "It is just a flu, not a big deal..."

Stage 3 & 4 People then become upset and start blaming others (or themselves).

Stage 5 is where confusion sets in, and where people begin to move on.

Stage 6 At the Acceptance stage, people stop focusing on what they have lost. They start to let go, and accept the changes. They explore what these changes mean, and so learn the new reality and how they must adapt. It is useful to be cautious at this stage of people sliding backwards into confusion and low mood. This can be common.

Now, How Can You Move to the Acceptance Stage?

Acknowledge your emotionsDon't blame yourself for things you can't controlStay connected with peopleEngage with humourDevelop your physical resilience Know that all problems have multiple solutionsHave several contingency plans to move forwardWelcome new experiences!

Also, Be Aware that No One Experiences the Curve the Same Way Everyone experiences these emotions at their own pace. Your progress can look vastly different from another, and that's completely okay!

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