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The 3 Trends that will Define the Future of Coaching

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

The 3 Trends that will Define the Future of Coaching
The 3 Trends that will Define the Future of Coaching
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Digitalization of Coaching

The use of technology in coaching has been building. In the future, coaches will add value by providing clients access to digital tools, tests and content beyond their counsel. They will differentiate themselves by simplifying the coaching process with online assistants.

Focus on Credentialing

With an increased market there is naturally a focus on quality assurance. Credentialing – ICF, AC, EMCC, APECS – is becoming essential for coaches to add legitimacy to their practice and boost their bottom line.

Coaching Skills for Managers

The ICF noted that 65% of organisations aim to expand the scope of managers/leaders using coaching skills in the next five years. The positive impact of developing a coaching culture is proven; it helps increase revenues and improve employee engagement (ICF 2017 report).

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